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July 04 2014


some skin diseases but scientifically proven then this error

new hotel 2014 in dubai It was initially used in the treatment of headaches and , make sure that smoking was the most serious global epidemic.
• First introduced to Europe the Spanish doctor, sent by King Philip II of Spain in Mexico reconnaissance flight, it returned with a tobacco plant.
• Ambassador of France in Portugal (Jean NICOT), this plant was sent to the Queen of France for treatment of headache was complaining about him, and the poisonous substance in the plant called (nicotine) rate it.
• Custom cigars in Spain, where they saw for the first time in Cuba, and they brought them.
• Known in Britain as a pipe in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.
• Income of Islam in tenth century Hijri.
• Enter in Egypt the year 1012, 1585, and Egyptian law prohibits the cultivation of tobacco, and simmy in 1156 e (the Ottoman Governor issued orders to prohibit smoking on the streets and shops and doorways and emphasized the impunity of doing it).
He was smoking its sordid habit renounce public people, even the Kings and sultans who knew in deliver prevented and disrupted markets such as the Ottoman Sultan Murad IV, King of Summer in Dubai  sweeter and sweeter, James I and Shah Abbas Safavid King of Iran and others, but extremism and sentenced to death dealer.

What is walgrak and hookah tobacco?
Tobacco is tobacco stir molasses (treacle, syrup). Either algrak (cigar) is a tobacco plus a range of fruit rotting.
As a result of the presence of such substances in molasses sugar or rotting fruit, this turns into a bunch of alcohol, in particular ethyl alcohol (spirit of wine) and methyl alcohol (most toxic), alcohol albrobili. And flying through the alcohol while smoking, but it helps in finding the required authority and did not amount to alaskar. Either pipe it contains tobacco and special types of fruits.
In search of a universities found that the effect of hookah hookah on the carbon monoxide is poisonous gas combine with hemoglobin in the blood, causing high cholesterol and blood viscosity thus increasing the stroke, found that the effect of pipe twice the effect of cigarettes. Rate of smoked hookah man hookah smokers 10.6% and 7%. Unfortunately, the smoke has spread algrak and hookah tobacco prevalent terrible all of the world, especially the third world, having started in Lebanon, and Syria, Egypt and Jordan of ...

Is smoking causes addiction or habit?
Causes of tobacco use in humans and animals as addictive high. one out of 100 people using tobacco, between 85 and 90% will accompany addicted him if we compare it with alcohol, for example, that out of every 100 users of alcohol, the 15% who will become addicted to it.
Nicotine addiction is (the article to rely on tobacco) of the most addictive, nicotine is the substance responsible for creating your mind to feel good and relax through the article aldibomein, which gives you a false sense of you well and soon your body needs on a regular basis, and that is the beginning of your addiction to cigarettes
. The Royal College of physicians of London in a lengthy research on humans and animals to learn how addiction caused by nicotine, and compared to known substances as drugs. And truly stunning that researchers have found a degree of certainty that the nicotine in tobacco is no less than the most notorious drug addiction have addictive are heroin and cocaine. Indeed, some research suggests that nicotine addiction is worse than addiction to heroin and cocaine addiction. Without doubt, the nicotine addiction is more widely spread of all kinds of drugs and alcohol combined, for a density of tobacco use, every day is inhaled smoke 18 thousand million cigarettes and tons of tobacco as snuff Kuchma and types of pipe.

Can overcome nicotine addiction?
Yes it can without doubt. The more than 30 million someone smoking in the u.s. between 1964 and 1986. In Britain, stopped at the same period more than 10 million people. People differ in their ability to quit smoking. There are 15% of smokers have to leave it without any suffering and facilitate smoking cessation of smoking after twenty began, while hardly of beginning smoking under 20. They of smoking a few cigarettes can Turk than was ydekhin forty or sixty cigarettes. Need to quit smoking from the following steps:
1. full damage conviction and sanctity of its use.

2. tell family and friends, and ask them to assist in, and refrain from friends offering him cigarettes.

3. use toothpicks instead of cigarettes.

4. eat more fruits and vitamin c.

5. pay attention to exercise.
Some patients may need medical assistance as follows:

•-Nicotine gum.
•-Tablets for depression and anxiety.
• Can the use of acupuncture and its catalytic role in many cases
The specialists full conviction of the need to stop smoking and psychological and religious aspect of great importance in stop smoking, all addictive substances. Some people need help with nicotine gum or the nicotine patch plus your drive for the Blues, particularly real estate.

Passive smoking:
You don't need a cigarette to face the dangers of smoking, it's just you being next to a smoking and smoke Summer in Dubail become negative because you smoked inhaled air with the smell of cigarette smoke while he smoked a cigarette. Thus, exposure to cigarette smoke is one of the considerations to be taken into account in the home and other places of influence harmful to smoker and especially minors and children, you inhaled cigarette smoke are called passive smokers, or secondary, scientific studies have shown high rate

June 19 2014


The experience is one of the methods that can be used for scientific

dubai properties 2015 observation

of phenomena to which scholar to collect data on these phenomena to understand and predict behavior. The experience of the most appropriate methods to test hypotheses of the theory is formulated from the researcher catoptrical experimentations.properties Testing is the most expository phenomena rather than descriptive of the phenomena discussed (Moala, 1994).
3.3. 1: foundations of experimental method:
You can select the platform for experimental method in the five elements are as follows (Norris, 1998):
1. experimental or independent working is working is to measure its impact on the dependent variable (the problem) and follow-up to the outcomes of the change.
2. working, problem study, a factor that depends on and is affected by the independent variable.
3. overlapping variables: other independent variables that can affect the dependent variable during the experiment and experimental variable, therefore assumes that these variables are set during the experiment.
4. adjust and control: means the install all side effects to nested variables through the following steps:
-Isolate variables: when examining the impact of a particular factor, such as high dollar on export of Palestine to the United States, the researcher must install insulation and other factors that can affect the size of export such as taxation, the competitiveness of products, experience in export and other factors, to determine the impact of this variable on the behavior of the phenomenon under consideration.
B-control the amount of change in working demo: here are controls on the size of the change in the working demo with quantity and value and results from it.
5. study groups: defined as groups of phenomenon studied. There are several ways to use the system groups:
• A group:
This method is based on the experimental factor workout one performance group of interest. Usually, a former test and test later to study group and comparison of results to identify the impact of the experimental variable on the study group, and the resulting differences between measurement results and subsequent measurement results can be properties 2015 observation attributed to the change in the working demo.
An example could be an experiment to measure the impact of training (working demo) on sales volume in the company (the dependent variable). You can begin the experiment by measuring levels of sales performance for a group of men in the company (testing) and then trained on appropriate sales methods (experimental group), and after completion of training and exercise sale performance is measured, and what is found from the differences in the level of performance before and after training, can be attributed to the impact of training. It should be noted here that all other factors surrounding the men's sale of the company if the accurate results of the experiment. A drawback of this method is that changes to working may be due to other factors add to the experimental variable. And the way the short test and cases where the working demo effect.

dubai properties 2015

Does not dubai support the experimental method only on the principles of thought

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